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Who We Are

Welcome to Grandview Bank

Welcome to Grandview Bank and thank you for visiting our website. Founded in Grandview in 1890, Grandview Bank is the fourth oldest state-chartered bank in Texas. Since our founding, we have grown slowly but surely. We now have full service branches located in Grandview, Cleburne, Weatherford and Burleson. We also offer drive through service in Alvarado and a loan production office in Fort Worth. Grandview Bank is the only bank based in Johnson County with local ownership. It is that local ownership and centralized decision making that allows us to deliver a higher level of personal service to our customers.

While personal service remains our number one priority, we understand that technology is reshaping the way individuals and businesses interact with their bank. With this in mind, we are proud to offer online access via your computer or telephone. Using one of these services allows you to view accounts, initiate transfers between accounts, pay bills and much more. If your preference is to deal directly with a member of our staff, rest assured that there will always be someone available to assist you.

If you are already our customer, THANK YOU. If you are not already our customer, we would welcome the opportunity to earn your business. Please give us a call at 817-641-3100 or drop by any of our branches to let us know how we can serve you.

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To Our Grandview Bank Family

We have served Johnson County for 130 years and our commitment to you is as strong today as it was when we opened on July 3,1890.

Now operating in our third century, amazing changes have taken place due to technology. What hasn't changed is how much we care about you as our customers and neighbors at Grandview Bank. To us, you are family.

The past several years have brought about hardships and changes to our normal lives that we could not have predicted. As we begin to normalize our lives, just know that we continue to have your best interests at heart.

Over the past few years, we have assisted hundreds of our customers in applying and being approved for several million dollars in loans through the SBA's Paycheck Protection Program. In addition, made sure that our customers had easy access to their IRS Economic Impact Payments that were deposited into their accounts.

The Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission are warning that criminals are already attempting to prey upon innocent and trusting victims. They may even claim to call you on behalf of Grandview Bank. Please know this:

Grandview Bank employees and government officials NEVER ask for your personal or financial information or any access codes through unsolicited phone calls, email or texts.

Please ignore any such calls. Do not give them ANY information at all because the callers are scammers trying to take advantage of you.

Here are some recommendations from the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission regarding scams:
  • Avoid "miracle" product claims.
  • Offers that sound to good to be true- usually ARE to good to be true.
  • Do NOT click on a link to claim a check.
  • Don't take the "Facebook Quiz"- it asks maiden name of your grandmother, the street you grew up on, etc.- This is private information you should not share.
  • Refuse to donate to charities you have never heard of.
  • If you do make donations, never use cash, gift card or wiring money- Consider online banking, a debit card or a check (check is the best way to avoid any accidental repeat charges to your bank card).
  • Don't respond to texts, emails, or calls about checks from the government.
  • Don't respond to emails claiming to be from the World Health Organization or Centers for Disease Control

You can visit these two websites for scam information:
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Federal Trade Commission

If you have not yet enrolled in Grandview Bank's online banking, please reach out to us at 817-866-3316 or do so through our website.

We have served seven generations of Texans and we plan to serve at least that many more in the future. Our bank locations are open in Grandview, Cleburne, Burleson, and Weatherford. You can count on us to respect your safety and privacy. You may prefer to utilize our ATM, app or online banking to ensure your protection.

We are still providing our full range of services from loan, lines of credit and- if you need it- loan payment deferrals. Please call us at 817-866-3316 and let's discuss how we can help you.

We will continue to be your local community bank that offers the technology and convenience of the national banks.

Let us help you take a Grand View of your finances and your financial future!

Ready to grow your business? We’d love to team up.