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Account Alerts

The Notify Me feature allows you to receive notifications of important messages and account activity. Using your preferred delivery mode (email or text), the system generates and sends three types of alerts: Account Activity alerts, Messaging alerts, and Security alerts. Those customers that have already enrolled for notify me alerts may now opt in for those same alerts by text.

Enrolling Your Mobile Number for Notify Me Alert Texts
You now have the option of entering the phone number of your mobile device and enrolling to receive alert notifications as text messages.

If you have not entered a mobile number, or have entered one but not enrolled, on-screen messages prompt you to do so. On the Notify Me Alerts page, under Mobile Number in the Contact Information section, the message "Not Set" appears in red to remind you that no mobile number is entered. Once a number is on file but not enrolled, an Enroll to receive text alerts link appears next to the number.

When you request the change of an email address or your mobile number, the Update Email Address(es) / Mobile Number confirmation page also has an Enroll to receive text alert link to let you begin the enrollment process. The link takes you to the Enroll your mobile phone number for text alerts page.

To enroll for text message alerts:
NOTE: The enrollment process requires you to enter a registration code that is texted to your mobile number, so you should have your mobile device with you before starting to enroll.

  1. Click the Enroll your mobile number for texts link.
    The Enroll your mobile phone number for text alerts page appears. You should receive a text message from Grandview Bank on your mobile device, containing a registration code.
  2. In the text box, enter the registration code you received.
    If you do not receive a registration code, you can use the Click here link provided on this page to request that another code be sent. Also check to be sure you entered your mobile number correctly.
  3. Click the I have read and agree to Terms and Conditions checkbox.
    The Terms and Conditions link opens a content file with the text for you to read.
  4. Click Submit to complete the enrollment.
    The Text Alert Enrollment Confirmation page appears.
Account Activity Alerts notify you of online account activity and balances. This feature allows you to actively monitor your account activity, and be notified of unusual activity on your accounts. Account activity alerts are sent at the end of the day.

Alert Description
Account Overdrawn Receive a notification when the account has been overdrawn.
Balance > $ Receive a notification when the account has been overdrawn.
Balance < $ Receive a notification when the account’s balance is below the specified amount.
Checks#(s) Cleared Receive a notification when the specified checks clear on the selected account.
Deposit Made > $ Receive a notification when a deposit over a specified about is made on the account.
Transaction > $ Receive a notification when any transaction over the specified amount is mad on the account.
Messaging Alerts notify you of a transaction-related or service-related activity with your account. You can also receive notifications when Grandview Bank sends personal or general email announcements.

Messaging alerts are sent on a real time basis, as soon as the related events occur.

Alert Description
New Message-Inbox Receive a notification when you receive any type of message in your inbox on the Messages tab. By default, this alert is sent to send notifications to your primary email address on file. You can turn off this notification but choose to receive specific alerts on any of the other messaging alerts described below.
Transaction-related Receive a notification when the system sends you an important message about a transaction or service. For example, notification may include warnings about failed transactions (e.g., “Your bill payment failed due to NSF”, “Your ACH batch failed due to NSF”).
New Online Privilege Receive a notification when Grandview Bank grants you a new service privilege (e.g., “Bill pay added” or “Transfers Added”).
Broadcast Message Receive a notification on when Grandview Bank sends a message to all of its customers. For example, if Grandview Bank sends a message about holiday branch hours, you will receive a notification that the broadcast message is available on the Messages tab.
Personal Message Receive a notification when Grandview Bank sends you a personal message on the Messages tab. For example, if you sent a message to Grandview Bank inquiring about a deposit, you will receive a notification when Grandview Bank responds to your original message.
Alert Description
Login is successful Receive a notification when a successful login occurs to your Internet banking account. NOTE: This type of security alert is optional.
A security-related change is made Receive a notification when a change related to account access has occurred, such as modification of Access ID, passcode, Security Question/Answer, email or mobile phone number
Online transfer is processed Receive a notification when an online transfer has completed processing.

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